Colourful braces make more than a fashion statement!

For orthodontic patients who choose to make fashion statements with their mouths, colors are really heating up.  From soft pastels that coordinate with a wardrobe to bright hues for celebrating holidays or expressing school spirit, the colors appear on the elastic ties that bind the wires to the brackets.  These ties can be changed when the wires are changed.

While colors for braces are fun, the fun serves a serious purpose. Enthusiastic patients are more apt to follow instructions on oral hygiene and diet.  Good cooperation can yield results that meet everyone’s expectations.

Patients have a splashy array of hues from which to choose and can celebrate every time they smile, year-round: red and white for Valentine’s Day; green for St. Patrick’s Day; red, white and blue for July 4;  orange and black for Halloween; green and red for Christmas—or blue and white for Chanukah, or black, red and green for Kwanzaa.

Adults, too, are known to choose different colors when they have their braces adjusted.  For a sports fanatic, it’s a unique way to express loyalty to your sports teams!

Some patients prefer to be less obvious about their orthodontic treatment. They have a variety of options including tooth-colored brackets; self-ligating brackets, which do not require ties to join the wire to the bracket; braces that go behind the teeth; or clear aligner trays.

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